Origami Cases

An opportunity to build

Origami came to life to show you our vision of how we want to accomplish that one thing no other company did before: to build a case that’s compatible for and with everyone.

The Origami Case Project is mainly meant for modders and enthusiasts who want to make their very own dream-case. You’ll have more options than ever before. Not only on the practical side, but also in esthetics.

Don’t let dreams be dreams


With the intention of starting our crazy journey, we attended Frag-o-Matic (Wieze, BE).
We wanted to introduce ourselves to the public, poll for some feedback and have some fun.
We did a small give-away and were able to give-away some prizes, stage-fright included…
We were also able to gather some interest in the idea, and certainly received loads of feedback.
Your dreams are also important, that's the whole point! (:

Our focus has always been on the case…
We have taken in feedback and tested a load of ideas. Before we let the world decide where we need to go next, we're trying to make the most out of our idea. Working out a nice base to start off with.
An update (b)log is on its way, so we can easily keep you posted.
Oh, in case we forget: Happy Holidays!

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